Hi Andrew,
if I want to customize the list of default assemblies (the script should run also in web without WinForms/WPF dependencies), where can I do this? The only way I see up to now is to inherit from xxRoslynRepository and replicate the code in WithDefaultAssemblied(). I think there should be a better way? And, by the way, you call this method from within InitWorkspace(), and there is a possible dead lock with EnsureWorkspaceCreated() - EnsureWorkspaceCreated is locked, calls InitWorkspace, InitWorkspace calls WithDefaultAssemlies, which calls again EnsureWorkspaceCreated...

Hi Andreas,
We have added two public static fields in the StringConsts - DefaultWinFormsAssemblies, DefaultWPFAssemblies.
So you can change these fields to customize default assemblies.
InitWorkspace should not cause dead-lock, as in subsequent call it will check that workspace has been already created, but we will review this code anyway.