Updating cached <mydll>.d.ts files

I’m using the JavaScript parser + syntax editor and have created a DLL which exposes a number of functions to the script engine. This all works, but recently when I added some new functions to the DLL and then attempted to use them in the editor, it didn’t recognise them. After some trial and error I found that the editor is looking for a .d.ts file in a directory that looks like C:\Users<me>\AppData\Local\Temp\Alternet.Scripter.TsTypedefsCache\xxxxxxx\0\AutoGenerated. After deleting the parent Alternet.Scripter.TsTypedefsCache directory and then reloading a script in the editor the .d.ts file was regenerated along with a bunch of others.

The problem is that the cached files don’t ever seem to be updated after they have been created. So when I distribute a new version of my DLL with some new functions in it, I need to delete that temporary directory in order for the .d.ts files to be regenerated. Is there a property or something that I can change so that these .d.ts files can be loaded from a configurable directory, so that I could distribute the latest files along with my application? Or a way that I can force the files to be regenerated even if they already exist?

Hi Andrew,

It looks like we do not include modification time when calculating hash for the given host configuration (which is not really needed for dll coming from GAC).

It seems to be very easy to fix, otherwise you would need to use versioned path depending on version of your software (TypeScriptProject.DefaultProject.AutoGeneratedTypeDefinitionsPath), or clear this cache upon installing new version.


Thanks Dmitry - clearing out the directory when the DLL changes has fixed my problem.