TextMate Sample

Where can I find the sample blog post about Textmate as sample code? I don’t see it in the demo and not on Git.

Or I am not searching well. :slight_smile:

TextMate syntax parsing and Visual Studio Code look and feel — AlterNET Software



Upon installing AlterNET Studio, you can run the TextMate example from Demo Explorer:

Similarly, you can run a WPF version of the TextMate demo project from the Demo explorer.
The source code for these demo projects is available in AlterNET.Studio.AllDemos.sln and AlterNET.Studio.AllDemos.WPF.sln solutions, which are located here:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\AlterNET Software\AlterNET Studio v.9\Demo
You can find the TextMate demo project in these solutions under the QuickStarts\Editor\Parsers folder.

A complete source code of demo projects is available there, you can download and run them without installing AlterNET Studio.

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