TextEditor.Text Not Bindable

Can you please make this a dependency property instead of a regular property so we can bind to it?
TextEditor.Text property is not implemented as a DependencyProperty because it doesn’t store the text value by itself,
but delegates it to TextEditor.Lines.Text property.
It also rises INotifyPropertyChanged.PropertyChanged in its setter – this is sufficient for many data binding scenarios. If this isn’t working for you,
could you please describe what exactly you are trying to achieve with the Text property?

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Hi Andrew! I have a data model where I'm storing all of the different objects and properties for my class and one of them is the text for the code. I'd like to basically be able to write something like this:

And let all the magic happen for me.
Hello Tony,
If you really need text properly to be set in XAML, you can use technique described here:
Let me know if it helps.
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