I have some questions.
- Is it possible to change 'whitespace characters' from character to string?
ex) WhiteSpace.TabString{ get;set;}
- Function to display tab size in fixed size
ex) SetTabSize(int s)
- Function to change the color of the scroll bar
ex) EditStyle = Office2016Black
- The properties of the split editors are different.

When will the problems be solved?
1. Right now Syntax editor supports painting only one character as a special one (and the drawing/measuring logic will need to be adjusted in case we allow substituting space with multiple-character sting).
2. We do have a property TabStops, which specifies how many spaces single tab will take.
SyntaxEdit.Lines.TabStops = new int[] {8};
SyntaxEdit.Lines.UseSpaces = true;
3. Right now color values are hard-coded, we're going to address it in the next minor update (expected end of August).
4. Could you please let us know which properties of split editor are different, as we should sync most of properties that affect appearance?