Syntax highlighting/error display for function arguments that are delegates/functions in typescript

I am using the Syntax editor for Javascript/Typescript. I am adding .NET objects via the parser.Repository.Project.HostItemsConfiguration.AddObject(name, value);
The syntax highlighting and error displays work well, except when I have function arguments that are delegates.
For example I have the following declarations in my C# source:
public delegate object RowFilterDelegate(Row row);

    public RowSet Where(RowFilterDelegate filter)

In the syntax editor it always shows that the argument is incorrect as follows:

It gives this error in both usages, with an arrow function or using a function straight.

How can I at least make it not mark this as an error?

Would it be possible for you to make small application that reproduces this problem and post a link to it here? So we could focus on the exact issue you are experiencing.

Hi Yevgeni,

Here is a link to a sample app: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Let me know that it works.
Thanks Derek

Hi Derek,

Thank you for the sample. We had identified and fixed the bug that was causing this problem. The fix will be released within several days as a part of the 8.1.1 version of the NuGet packages.

Hi Derek,

We have just uploaded 8.1.1 to NuGet, which now supports delegates in TypeScript Parser/Scripter.

Let us know if you see any issue with it.

Kind regards,