Downloaded the Editor today and am testing for an application I am building. Need either the MSSQLParser or sqlParser functionality.
Browsed the Quantum Whale forums and found related posts to my question. Response was always in a private email.
Much of the code is highlighted as incorrect syntax. Is there something I need to be including or changing that you know of?
Mssql parser supports only a select query statement. Could you send me (Andrew.medvedev@alternetsoft.com) example of sql that it fails to parse?
Thank you for the response Andrew. One example in MSSQL is the use of BEGIN...END; blocks. These will be highlighted as incorrect syntax. Another example is and UPDATE statement.
UPDATE bk SET name = 'AlterNet Forever' FROM Book bk WHERE name = 'AlterNet Sometimes'
This is not a pressing issue with me. I could just disable the highlighting for now.