A small visual issue: start the sample "WinForms\CodeEditor\SyntaxParsing\Visual Basic .NET". move to line 18 (the long comment) and press the END key so that the caret is placed on the end of the line. Now, the horizontal scrollbar thumb should be in the middle of the scrollbar.
Resize the window until the horizontal scrollbar disappears (I needed a second screen to do so).
The source code still appears to be scrolled to the right, the left part is not displayed, without a scrollbar.
Pressing POS1 to move to the line start helps .
I would expect the code editor to scroll the source code to the left when the window is made wider and the code is scrolled horizontal.
Best regards
Hi Wolfgang,
I have sent you fixed dlls via email.
Just for the records: you sent me this mail:
If Scrollbars are set to ForcedBoth (or ForcedHorizontal), horz scrollbar always has the same size (255 symbols by default).
If you change it to Both instead, it will calculate size of the max line in the editor and update most left visible row when you resize the editor - you can try how it works with CodeEditorSyntax demo.
There was a small issue with Scrolling.I can confirm that it works with the new Version after changing the Scrollbars.Many thanksWolfgang