Hi, I can't seem to open a .net core project (using the new project format) in the editors. Are they supported?
Compile and Run Alternet Studio demo app. Try open a .net core, .netstandard 2.1, class library project. And it just shows the project name, nothing else. No dependencies or files.
Thanks, Rob
Hi Rob,
Opening .net core projects is not currently supported, we will include this feature in our roadmap for the next release. We will look at it straight away and will try to come up with workaround shortly.
Hi Andrew,
Just to clarify I don't necessarily need to load a project. What I am actually try to do is debug a .net standard 2.1 class. Ultimately we would like to contain the SyntaxEdit object inside our application rather and have no script file. Is it even possible to debug a class without a pdb?
Thanks, Rob
You can execute script without maintaining a source code file on disk by using ScriptSource.FromScriptCode method. But for debugging you need a compiled assembly and the corresponding PDB file. These files can be all put in a temporary folder.
I managed to stumble across the documentation (after missing the links in the email) which did a good job of getting me going.
I have since been able to compile and run a script (i.e. ScriptSource.FromScriptCode that references a .Net Standard 2.1 dll.
Next stop debugging it.
Update I am able to debug the .net standard library, yay :)
Thanks for the update, glad to hear it is working.