Hi Andrew,
I'm looking to incorporate this Scripter and the WPF editor into a .NET app that is using current versions of Microsoft.CodeAnalysis already (Nuget version 2.10.0). This is causing problems because it looks like it is hard-compiled against v1 of the Roslyn assemblies.
For example, when typing in the editor I might get:

Name Value Type
▶ $exception {"Unable to cast object of type 'System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableArray`1[Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.TaggedText]' to type 'System.Collections.Generic.IList`1[Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.SymbolDisplayPart]'."} System.InvalidCastException
Can you please post an update that uses a new version of the packages?
Also, on a related topic, it would be awesome if your packages were available as NUGET packages.
Hi Tony,
By default, we support Roslyn 1.3.2, since this is the latest version working with .NET Framework 4.6.
All subsequent releases require .NET 4.6
It's possible to update our sources to use Roslyn 2.x/.NET 4.6.
We've tested it internally with Roslyn 2.9 - the source projects need to updated to target .NET 4.6 and use latest Roslyn packages. Alternet.Syntax.Parsers.Roslyn.csproj also need to be compiled with conditional define Roslyn_Latest, as there are some differences in Roslyn API, resulting in error you're seeing when invoking parameter tooltips.
The next release will have an option to select between .NET 4.5/.NET 4.6, and upon choosing .NET 4.6 the latest Roslyn version will be used.
We do not distribute our own assemblies via nuget, could you describe use-case scenario where such a package could be useful, and we will look at whether we can support it?
We do have a package for assemblies required for Roslyn to work published on nuget:
Hi Andrew,
This is great! When do you think your new version will be available?
Nuget would be better for you because it essentially gives you free advertising.
When I needed a C# editor, I first went to Nuget and did searches but I couldn't find any that were good. The Telerik/Progress Fiddler web debugger has a really good script engine in it so I decompiled Fiddler and eventually found that they were using the Quantum Whale editor. I traced it back and eventually found you. If Scripter and the code editors were Nuget packages, I would have found and purchased your software months ago!
Also, I work with a number of companies whose commercial products I have found through Nuget. Two well-known ones are ZZZ Projects and ITHit. With both of these companies, you download the trial through Nuget and then you get a license code from them and apply it to your project by doing something like:
Also, if everything were available through Nuget packages, it would make it a whole lot easier for me to update to the latest version as well as you to do "New Version Notifications" and encourage customers to keep their maintenance license with you active.
With both of the companies I mentioned earlier, whenever they release a new update, I install it via nuget. Once a year, after updating, when I apply the license, I get an exception similar to the following:
Your license allows you to receive all updates published on or before XXX. Please either visit http://.... to extend your maintenance or roll back to a supported by your agreement.
When I get that message, I go and buy an upgraded license.
Regarding Alternet assemblies being distributed via Nuget, I was testing the current version using the nuget package you referenced and still had the issue. It does make things better, but when I use it, I still have to add a ton of references to Alternet assemblies, plus, it uses the old Roslyn assemblies which are a non-starter for our porject. It would be great to just need to add one or two references. Something like:
Alternet.CSharp.Scripting (for Scripter)
Alternet.CSharp.Editors.WPF (for editors)
and bring in all the references I need.
Hi Tony,
Thank you for detailed explanation. We will investigate how we can distribute our products via nuget.
Hi Andrew,
are there any news regarding nuget?
We'd also love a nuget package and if the assemblies were upgraded to use the modern versions of the .NET compilers. Right now we can't use Alternet because they're on old versions.
Hi Tony,
We plan to publish nuget package with 4.6/Latest Roslyn assemblies as part of rolling out the next release, which is expected late April-early May.