Problem with assembly references

I have a problem with assembly references. Version 6 uses Nerdbank.Streams, however, I use another library that also uses Nerdbank.Streams, only it is updated to the latest version 2.5.60. AlterNET Studio is using an older version, so conflicts are occurring between all references: System.Numeric.Vectors, System.Buffers, etc.
Is there any way to resolve this? How can your dlls be updated to use the latest version?
would it help to add binding redirects to "app.config"? See this post for a start (scroll down to the post beginnig with "I worked around the warning by adding a bunch of binding redirects to app.config"):
Of course this will only work if your Nerdbank.Streams version and the version used by AlterNET.Editor have a compatible API.
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We figured it is the OmniSharp.Extensions.JsonRpc package which uses the Nerdbank.Streams version in question. The OmniSharp.Extensions.JsonRpc is in turn used by
Alternet.Studio.Syntax.Parsers.Lsp package. Are you sure you need the LSP (Language Server Protocol) functionality in your application? If no, you can remove the reference to that package, and to others which may use it (with .Lsp in the package name). In case if you need the LSP support, please consider adding binding redirects as Wolfgang HG suggested. See the following thread for details: