Line Numbers Not Showing Correctly

I am trying to enable line numbers but for some reason they keep showing with ellipsis. Is there any way to correct this? Thanks.



We tried to reproduce the problem, but with no success so far.
Would it be possible to send me( a sample project where it can be seen?


I did some more digging and it looks like it is related to the Windows8 (Complete WPF | Windows8 and Windows8Touch Colors and Fonts | Telerik UI for WPF) theme in for the Telerik WPF controls I am using. Probably not much you all can do about it.

We’re happy to look at this issue further if you could provide us with the sample application which uses Telerik themes, to see if we can fix it on our side.

Just sent you email with a repro. Thanks.

Thank you for providing the project. The issue seems to appear due to non-monospaced fonts being used, and now it should be resolved and will be included in the next update.
If you need a hot fix, please let us know what version of AlterNET Studio you’re using.

Thanks for fixing the issue. Its not a critical issue so I think I can wait until and update gets published to nuget. Any idea on a rough time frame for the next release? Thanks.

We anticipate to release a new version within two months.