Yor "license agreement" says in the section "source code" that any "derivative works" will be the exclusive property of ALTERNET SOFTWARE LTD.
I want to buy the product "CODE EDITOR UNIVERSAL" to include c# code editing into my application.
But if I need to modify the sources of your code editor, as your license grant me to do, what happens with the property of my application?
Becuase as your license agreement says, I understand that it becomes your property.
Is this so or am I misunderstanging?
Hi Pablo,
The intent of this clause is to prohibit re-selling our sources with some small modifications.
It's totally fine to compile our source code with modifications into your application and distribute compiled AlterNET assemblies with your application in a binary form - in this case we definitely will not claim any ownership for your product.
We also have an option of including source code in the product you're shipping, but this is a subject of separate OEM-agreement.
The only downside with modifying our sources that you will either need to port these modifications across next releases, or stay with the version you've originally modified.
Hope this will make things more clear, but feel free to post on the forum or contact me directly at should you have any further questions.