License File - Application Distribution

I am getting the .licx file from the demos and copy over my project. the license was activated, however when I distribute my application still pops up the AlterNet trial version UI. I place the .licx file under the properties folder. of the project makin use of these components. That file property is set to embedded resource. The .licx file has this entry:
Alternet.Editor.Wpf.TextEditor, Alternet.Editor.Wpf.v9, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=8032721e70924a63

What am I missing?


Hi Alex,

Could you please check a few following things:

  • If demo projects compiled on your computer do not give license warnings if run outside Visual Studio, and your project displays that warning?

  • If you have other licensed components in your application (i.e. Form Designer or Scripter). In that case, you will need to add corresponding entries in your licx file.

  • if a distributed application is renamed from one that was compiled? - in this case license checker is unable to find an embedded license.

Finally, in version 9 we relaxed the license model, so in case licx file is missing or empty, no run-time checking is performed (so you can basically delete .licx file from your project)