JSON Parser

We have a feature in our app where we want to let the user enter a block of JSON. Is there a JSON parser?
Actually I think I am technically looking for a JSON Lexer. Basically something that gives them nice syntax warnings if they put in bad JSON data.
Hello Tony,
Our JavaScript parser can be used here to parse json-object declarations like this:
var myObj = {name: "John", age: 31, city: "New York"};
If you need just json object to be present in the code (without declaration), this can be done too.
I've uploaded demo project showing how to do it here:
This parser analizes syntax to be correct JSON-syntax, but do not analyze the data in that JSON object.
If you need extra validation to be performed on top of syntax parsing, could you please provide a bit more description about what you need to achieve?
Hi Andrew,
This is great! I think that this is what we need. We basically want to make sure that the customer is providing syntactically valid Json. We don't care what data they actually provide as long as we know we can parse it.
Can you please add this parser to Alternet directly?
Hello Toni,
We will add JSON parser to the coming release.