I'm updating from Editor.NET and I'm running into the following issues.
Alternet.Editor.Dialogs.SyntaxSettings (and ISyntaxSettings) is not defined. I can see it in the demo, but in my project it doesn't exist. I'm importing Alternet.Editor and importing the namespace of Alternet.Editor.Dialogs.
What's a replacement for SyntaxEdit.DisplayEditorSettingsDialog()?
XmlExport is not defined. Has it been removed?
What's a replacement for QWhale.Syntax.Schemes.LanguageParser?
Thanks for the help!
Hi Todd,
-you should use Alternet.Syntax.Parsers.Generic instead of QWhale.Syntax.Schemes
-DisplayEditorSettingsDialog functionality right now moved to the Editor QuickStart Customize dialog.
You can find it source code in the "C:\Users\Public\Documents\AlterNET Software\Extensibility Studio 2.1\Demo\Editor\QuickStarts\Customize""
Please have a look at btOptions_Click method for details.
-ColorBox right now moved to the Alternet.Common.UI assembly
You can find it source code "C:\Users\Public\Documents\AlterNET Software\Extensibility Studio 2.1\Demo\Libraries\Alternet.Common.UI""
-yes, we've removed support for saving editor's content with settings to the XML, we have found that it's not really useful feature, but hard to maintain one.
Instead of serializing whole content of the editor with all its settings, normally users either use global settings (like navigation options, colors, etc.), which we moved from the core library to the Customize QuickStart project, or save some specific information associated with the file being edited - such as list of bookmarks in the document.
So Parsers.Generic doesn't have the method LanguageParser. Is there a substitute?
Also, I see SyntaxSettings has been added under the Customize demo project, but it is not in the source code or Alternet.Editor.dll. I can move those files over I believe and recompile. Is there a reason why this was left out of the Alternet.Editor build?
I was able to upgrade the SyntaxEdit and ColorBox controls.
I'll look at btOptions_Click for help with my last issue.
Thank you.
Hi Todd,
Please use specific descendant of SchemeParser such as JScriptParser or PHPParser, instead of LanguageParser.
Alternatively you can derive your own class from SchemeParser, define Language property here and load appropriate scheme when this property is set, with code like
LoadScheme("PHP"); or LoadScheme("Js");
>>>Is there a reason why this was left out of the Alternet.Editor build?
We thought that most user application would have their own flavour of option dialog box, as such we have decided to move this functionality to the demo projects to show how this can be done instead of hard-coding this dialog box into the core library.
Hello Andrew:
I was able to get up and running on the latest version 2.1. There were some issue which required me to modify the source code.
For us it was easier to move everything from the Customize Dialog and merge it into Alternet.Editor under the Dialogs folder.
I also had to move the Alternet.Common.UI project as well.
We have a custom dialog to save editor settings for our main SyntaxEdit control, but we also use the provided dialog on quite a few smaller projects. This dialog could be removed from these smaller projects probably without an issue, but the SyntaxSetting were an issue.
Our project is in VB.NET so converting this would have been more time consuming than copying files.
Thanks for the help! :P