is it possible to start the debugger as listener?

in the Scriptdebugger.Demo i saw that the debugger starts the remote Script on the IPC-Server.
this the part i mean:
public void StartScript(ScriptFinishedDelegate onScriptFinished)
if (RemoteControl != null)
var sink = new DebuggerCommunication.ScriptDebuggerRemoteControlStartCallbackSink(onScriptFinished);

i would like to start the ipc-server in my form, then start the debugger with the source and scriptRun i need. this is already ok.... but the debugger won't start debugging :-)
only if the debugger calls the script-method.
it would be great to have a listening debugger that just waits until i set a breakpoint and the main application executes the script.
I replied you by e-mail, since I need additional information from you concerning this question.