I want to use AlterNET Studio's WPF - Lua Parsing

I want to use AlterNET Studio’s WPF - Lua Parsing.
The LSP server is running on its own, and I want to connect to this server and use Lua Parsing and Intellisense features.
Can you tell me how to use it?



The conversation was taken off-line, but for the benefit of others here’s a brief summary:

LSP-based Lua parsers in our demo project come with the embedded LSP Sumneko server.
This server can be installed locally and pointed to with the code like this:

LuaParser luaParser = new LuaParser();
luaParser.Workspace.ServerDeploymentOptions.ApplicationDefinedServerDirectory = ;

Supporting another LSP server for Lua (such as Tencent) would require the same development efforts as supporting the LSP server for the new language.

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