How to use full python version instead of EmbeddedPythonInstaller?

I see EmbeddedPythonInstaller in samples. This name suggests that it should be only used for the embedded python version. Can you provide a sample for the usage of the full python version which is installed on the system? Do I have to install a specific python version?

Hi Audrius,

In our examples we use embedded python, so they work regardless of whether or not a full Python is installed on the user PC.

If you comment out SetupPython in Scripter.Python examples, Python scripting engine will use a full Python instead (provided that it’s actually installed).

Our DAP Python debugger uses full Python. PythonDapDebugger example shows how to check that full Python and required third-party modules are installed.

Please also note that Python.NET does not officially support the latest version (3.9), even though it works fine on our tests.

You can read a bit more information here: