How to make work autocomplete with from MyModule import *

  1. I have a static class with only static methods.
    I would like that autocomplete would work to make like (from MyModule import *) rather than import MyModule

  2. External python modules does not have autocomplete. I do from ExternalModule import *

What way you I could improve autcomplete that I simply could call MyMethod without class name.

Hi Audrius,

Could you please send us sample of such external module, as it seems work fine on our tests - please refer to the attached screenshot.


It is strange that it is working from Studio sample, but not from object reference.
Our usage sample can be downloaded here Python Scripting sample .
I would expect that autocomplete would work for both MyModule.GetString & AddLine (From FemtikasUtils.FemUtils which is C# dll)

It seems to work for me if you add SearchPath to the filename being edited, so it knows where to look for

            scriptRun.ScriptSource.ModulesSearchPaths.Add(Path.GetDirectoryName(edit.FileName));// added

This will not be required with the new version, where we add location of the file automatically if you use FromScriptFile method.

FemtikasUtils.FemUtils.- shows AddLine
FU. - shows AddLine
MyModule.- shows GetString

Please let me know if it works as expected with this change.