Hint code in TextEditor

I created a JsonSchemaParser control that is inherited from TextEditor. I'm looking for a behavior where I should able to show user a sample/Hint schema format as suggestion when the editor is empty. 

So that user takes the syntax reference and updates the editor on top of it. 
I didn't find any API's to make some code readonly or to display schema as documentation.


I’m not sure I understand the question correctly.

Would you like to display some information in the editor when it’s empty (i.e., hint suggesting to add some code, like in the link below?

If you need to set certain lines in the editor to be read-only, you can use the following code:

textEditor.Source.SetLineReadonly(line, true);

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I’m posting a solution here:

TextEditor itself does not support a placeholder, but it should be possible to create one on top of it and show it when the text is empty. Below is the link to the sample project.