Gutter shows lines modified even though no text has changed

Using the ScriptCodeEdit I notice that the modified lines show up in the Gutter even when replacing a character. i.e. No “real” change has occurred, but it still goes yellow.

  1. Am I missing something or is there any plan to make the modification detection smarter?
  2. How can I reset the modification state? i.e. I’ve “saved” the text

Thanks, Rob

I tried resetting by
_syntaxEdit.Gutter.Options &= ~GutterOptions.PaintLineModificators;
_syntaxEdit.Gutter.Options |= GutterOptions.PaintLineModificators;
to no avail.

Hi Rob,

The appearance of line modification markers is based on the information present in the undo buffer.

Here are couple of examples:

 syntaxEdit1.Modified = false;  // this marks all previous modifications in undo buffer as saved ones (and display them in a different color)

The following code clears undo buffer and remove all line modification markers:

                syntaxEdit1.Source.State |= NotifyState.ModifiedChanged;

Not sure if I understand your question regarding character replacing, could you please clarify?


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Sorry for not responding, but your examples did help me. Thanks.

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