Extending Application Logic - Best option

I am struggling to decide on the correct approach. We want to extend our core application functionality using AlterNet scripter engine.
Our requirements are:
Be able to create external CS projects (multiple files) and execute them after the application deployment
Be able to debug the project using breakpoints etc. inside our core application
Having a bi-directional (From external CS files to Application and from Application calling external methods) communication mechanism between the project files and the applications
I am looking at the provided examples “DebugMyScript” and “DebugRemoteScript” but I don’t know what would be the best approach to achieve the above requirements.
Can you provide some recommendations?
Thanks for the help.
If you have a requirement to implement debug logic in core application, the recommended way is to follow approach demonstrated in DebugRemoteScript.
The debugger and debuggee have to be two separate processes, you can read more details here:
Therefore the script to be executed will need to be compiled in the separate exe file and communication between application and script to be handled by interprocess communication techniques such as .NET remoting.
If you allow debugger to be a separate application, like Visual Basic for Application debug environment for Microsoft Office products, this would allow script to be compiled into dll and to be loaded into the core application app domain, which would make script and core application communication much easier.
Thanks for the quick reply.
So, if I want to debug my core application and the external CS scripts at the same time, I should use the approach of "DebugRemoteScript" otherwise if I don't need to debug my core application at the same time then I could use "DebugMyScript" approach?
Is this correct?

No, it's not about debugging the core application itself, it's about how debug logic can be incorporated in it.
If you need debug logic to be implemented inside your core application (as opposed to a standalone debug tool) in order to debug scripts in it, then yes, you would need to use the DebugRemoteScript approach.