Debugging issues in .NET 6

I recently updated my project from .Net 5 to .Net 6, together with updating AlterNET to version 8.0.4
I ran into two issues when debugging VisualBasic scripts (Roslyn Parser):

Issue 1:
When debugging in the DebugCodeEdit I can only inspect the values of primitive variables, all other types throw an exception.

Issue 2:
In hopes that the issue was already addressed I updated to AlterNET version 8.0.5, but instead debugging stopped working altogether. The debugger no longer stops at Breakpoints, making debugging impossible.

I hope you can restore the old behavior,
Best Felix

Could you please provide a sample project that reproduces the issue, as well as the steps required to reproduce it?

We have done some testing related to this, and it looks like the debugging works fine for us. Here is a sample project that we used to test VB.NET script debugging under .NET 6 with the 8.0.5 packages:

I created a sample project that somewhat mimics the way i use the debugger. I was unable to reproduce issue 1, however issue 2 (debugger does not stop at breakpoints in version 8.0.5) still remains. I have included the sample project:

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start the application and click “Start Debugger”

  2. This will start a second application (the debugger / editor). Then set a breakpoint and click on start debugging

  3. Go back to the first application and click on “Run Script”. In version 8.0.4 the breakpoint will be hit (everything works as intended)

  4. Update AlterNET to version 8.0.5 and try the same steps again. The breakpoints are ignored.

I hope this can help you reproducing the issue.

Best Felix

Thank you for the example code and the detailed instructions. We were able to reproduce and fix this bug. It was indeed introduced in 8.0.5. We will release the updated NuGet packages with the fix this week.

Please be informed that the 8.0.6 NuGet packages which contain the fix for this issue are released.