Code Examples missing in Demo

In the Alternet Demo Explorer the “Open Project” button is grayed out an I’m not able to open the Example code. What’s wrong? Do I need another Demo-executable where the samples are included? I desperatley need them because the documentation is very minimal and I can only progress through the samples.

Thanks for your help and best regards


If you install full AlterNET Studio, the full source of demo project should be copied to the following folder:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\AlterNET Software\AlterNET Studio v.7\Demo\

and the Open Project button in the Demo explorer should be enabled, provided that you have Visual Studio installed, but you can just open solutions from above folder in Visual Studio.

If you download just demos from our website (Demos — AlterNET Software), they would have only executable files, but not source code.

Let me know if it helps.

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Found it in the folder. Great! Thank you!