We are looking to use Code Editor in our application.
We'd like to start with the VBScript language, strip it of all its internal functions and add our own functions.
We have a list of functions with its signatures, ie parameter names and descriptions. We need functionality at two levels:
- Editor Text Display: The function name should be highlighted in bold.
- Intellisense: During editing, the function names would be presented as a list. Once a function is chosen, its signature would be shown with parameter highlighting in bold.
Kindly advise whether above is possible and if yes, pl provide a code sample.
yes this is possible.
Please try our demo using this link:
Looking good.
Currently Intellisense is being enabled by using the following line of code:
repository.RegisterType("", typeof(VbScriptOwnFunctions), true);

What are the other ways to register function signatures ? We have a list of function signatures but they are not contained in a class/type.

yes this is possible. Another way is load function descriptions from xml file like it done in this demo:
Looks good - will try to incorporate and test.
Hi, I am evaluating the codeeditor to fix our old qwhale 1.56 version.
The issue I am trying to fix is the intellisense description feature. Consider the following
public class A {
/// This is a test

public void TestMethod()
public class B: A {}

Okay, using Qwhale 1.56 code editor, when I do:
B.TestMethod(), I don't see the description "This is a test".

After upgrading to Alternet 2.1 code editor, now I see the "This is a test" descripiton. which is great.

However, when I do the following,
B.ToString(), I don't see the description.
So it seems that the intellisense cannot find the description in Microsoft .NET assemblies.
I have checked your CodeCompletion demo and it works just fine.
I have been comparing your code and my code and I can't seem to nail down the root cause of the issue.
Do you have any idea what could possibly misconfigured on my application?

Using qwhale1.56, base classes method doesn't show its description.
Upgrading to alternet 2.1 fixes the issue partially. I can see the base