I am evaluating the code editor and am already running into some clunky behavior. Details are listed below. Are these known issues and are there fixes planned for these? Thanks.
Having to hit space twice for basic keywords. E.g. when typing "var" hitting space does not actually create a space. It closes the code completion window which then requires hitting space again. This really disrupts flow and is not consistent with code completion behavior in visual studio or any other browser for that matter.
No syntax highlighting on interpolated strings
No Signature help for constructors.
No ability to format code.
First of all, thank you for your interest in our product
I presume you're using Roslyn C# parser, please advise otherwise.
I tried to reproduce problem with hitting space twice, but without success - (попробуй кстати ты повторить). Could you please provide additional steps for us to be able to see the problem?
Issue with highlighting interpolated strings confirmed - will look at it shortly.
No tooltip for constructor - this is know issue and will be fixed in upcoming update.
Code formatting - the current block is automatically formatted when user types }; the current expression/statement is formatted when user types ;.
You can force formatting whole document by hitting Ctrl + K + F, or by calling SyntaxEdit.Selection.SmartFormatDocument method.
Please let me know if you expect it to work in other scenarios.
We expect next update to be released within few weeks, but happy to provide hot fix for these issues.