Is there any documentation or simplified example on how to change the colors of the various items in the WPF Roslyn-powered editor? I did see the sample project but am checking if I can avoid parsing through thousands of lines of code in order to just figure out how to change the editor colors.
Please take a look at Customize Quick Start project and change Color Theme to Dark on Font and Colors tab of Customize Dialog box - you can see how colors of various text fragments are changed.
The code to change lexical styles, line numbers, modificators, etc. is located in this sample, method ApplyToEdit of SyntaxSettings class.
Let me know if it helps.
Thanks I was able to narrow it down. For anyone else wanting to do the same thing, look at the parser's Scheme.Styles property. This gives you the list of ILexStyle instances that contain Name and Foreground, among other things.