Cannot install nuget package Alternet.Studio.Scripter.Python

Getting this error when trying to install through package manager in new project.
Unable to resolve dependencies. ‘pythonnet 2.3.0’ is not compatible with ‘Alternet.Studio.Scripter.Python 8.0.2 constraint: pythonnet (>= 3.0.0-preview2021-10-05)’.

Simply create project-> package manager.Alternet.Studio.Scripter.Python (8.0.2)

Oh, I solved seems there is check box for prerelase version. Still it is strange. Your provide solution with installer works fine without pythonnet package.

Currently, the pythonnet NuGet package supports .NET Core (and .NET 5+) only in 3.0.0-preview* versions. These 3.0.0 versions are marked as “prerelease” and there is no “non-prerelease” version which support .NET Core - so we have to use the prerelease 3.0.0 version at the moment.

However, I could not reproduce the problem you are describing using Visual Studio 2022. I had “prerelease” check box unchecked, tried for both .NET Framework and .NET Core projects, with or without PackageReference. I used the C# Console Application project template. If possible, please provide more details on how to reproduce this.

solution with installer works fine without pythonnet package

The precompiled demos which get installed with the product include all the binaries required to run them, including the referenced package libraries.