Please give a brief tutorial on how to include the editor component in a new WPF project.
Hi Pablo,
Once installed, Extensibility Studio registers few components on Visual Studio Toolbox.
The easiest method to add editor component is to drag TextEditor control located from Visual Studio toolbox ( AlterNET Code Editor tab) onto your WPF form.
This will add all required references to your project and add licx file with licensing information to your application.
Please refer to the CodeEditor.WPF.pdf user guide, located in Program Files (x86)\AlterNET Software\Extensibility Studio 2.1\Help folder for further details.
I have de evaluation version of the editor, and the installation does not register any component in the Visual Studio Toolbox. I have Visual Studio Professional 2017.
I have the same problem. I can see them in the VS 2015 toolbox but I don't see them in the VS 2017 toolbox.
I was able to add them manually to the VS 2017 toolbox.