Announcement - AlterNET UI first beta released

We would like to announce the very first beta of AlterNET UI - a cross-platform .NET UI Framework that allows creating desktop interfaces with .NET development tools that work and look native under Windows, macOS and Linux.

AlterNET UI provides a UI Framework and a set of standard controls such as Text Box, Label, CheckBox, Button, Image, TreeView, ListView and many more.

AlterNET UI is built on top of .NET Framework and uses XAML-like approach to define user interface and layout, allowing .NET developers to immediately use their skills to create cross-platform or native macOS/Linux applications.

The design of the AlterNET UI is inspired by Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) frameworks from Microsoft, which makes .NET developers to be already familiar with the basic concepts of AlterNET UI programming.

The framework includes a layer which abstracts implementation on a different platforms for graphical objects, such as fonts, brushes, images, etc., control rendering and responding to the events, layout engine, and custom theme APIs.

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