Ann: AlterNET Studio 9.0 released

We’re glad to announce that a new version of AlterNET Studio is available.

AlterNET Studio 9.0 is a major release focusing on .NET 7 support and improvements across all our component libraries.

Main enhancements include:

  • .NET 7 support for all AlterNET core libraries and NuGet packages.
  • Visual Studio Code-like look and feel for the Code Editor.
  • TextMate generic parser with all themes supported by Visual Studio Code.
  • Improvements in the Python language-server parser.
  • Revisited license checking and enforcement.

Read more about the highlights of the new version:

Blog post related to TextMate parsing and Visual Studio Code look and feel:

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Congrats !
What is the purpose of the Visual Studio 2022 extension AlterNET Studio v9, which is installed automatically?

Thank you!

The AlterNET Studio extension is responsible for updating the Visual Studio toolbox and registering a few property editors for our controls (such as the FlagEnumeration editor that shows a checklist box for various Options properties at design time)

In case you’re using our components via NuGet packages, this extension is not relevant.

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