Alternet Nag Screen

Hello -
I recently purchased v8.0 and have it installed side-by-side with v5.1.
Our development team currently uses v5.1, and it is what our software currently uses.
I cannot seem to get the nag screen to go away, even though both installations seem OK.
The screen says the application was created with an evaluation version (although I have a licensed version for v8).

It does allow me to “Continue”, although I do not think the nag screen should even show now that the version is fully licensed.

Can a valid license for v8 apply for .NET components compiled with v5.1 Alternet tools?

The compilation works, but the nag screen still appears, and the “evaluation countdown” still happens.

Please advise, thanks.

Hi John

Could you please send me ( your license key, so I can look it up in our system?

We went through a product name change (from AlterNET Extensibility Studio to AlterNET Studio), and newer licenses may not work version 5 licenses because of that.
I’m assuming it’s the software compiled with version 5 that gives a nag screen, right?

Kind regards,

Attempted to, but the email bounced. Retrying.

Hi John,

I’ve replied to you by email.

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