Advanced Syntax Parsing

I am interested in the WPF Syntax Editor specifically for Python. I downloaded version 5.1 and have been trying the AdvancedSyntaxParsing samples but the code completion feature does not appear to work with either the prebuilt demo or when compiling and running the sample. I downloaded the VS2015 version (LSPTest) mentioned in a previous thread which uses WinForms and that appears to work. Is there something else i need to do to get the latest WPF version working?

Also our interest is how well the Editor does with a custom python api we have. Even with the working VS2015 WinForms version it wasn't clear to me how to point the editor at a custom python module. Could you point me in the right direction as to how to do that?

Hello Jeff,
Yes, that's correct. Advanced Python parser performs some basic syntax analysis, but it does not support code completion.
In the coming update we will be releasing new Python parser based on protocol.
You can download WPF demo project to play with here:
Could you elaborate on what you mean by pointing editor to custom python module?

Thank you. The sample is very helpful.