about c# debugger

I downloaded the evaluation version of alterNet Studio. It’s a nice set of components.

In excel, we can use vba to define functions and call them in the formula of the cell.
Now that I have the spreadsheet control (host application), I want to use c# script instead of vba.
In my program, when I press “design script”, the script editor window of alternet will pop up. I add a breakpoint to a certain line in the script at this time.

When I go back to the spreadsheet cell and retype the formula (for example =test(“abc” or other possible parameters)) and press enter, I want the breakpoint to be hit.

I’ve studied the three samples that come with the installer, but I’m still a little confused.

Do you have an example of this? Or can you give me more hints to help?


Thank you for your interest in our product.

The closest example would be Debug My Script quick start project (it can be accessed from the Demo explorer->Studio for C#/Visual Basic->Quick Start Projects->Debugger->Debug My Script.
The script code is run in the host application, and you can launch a separate debugger application, place a breakpoint (say in OnPaint method), and run/debug the script from the debugger.

If you send me (dmitry.medvedev@alternetsoft.com) an application with the spreadsheet control where you’d like to implement scripting, we will look at how to hook it up with the debugger.

Kind regards,