I'm evaluating you great code editor, and to get a taste of SyntaxEdit, I set up a very basic Windows Forms project.
On the default form I've dropped an instance of SyntaxEdit, and actually didn't change anything in its properties (except of Dock = ...Fill).
After that, I set a new instance of Alternet.Syntax.Parsers.Roslyn.CsParser to editor's Lexer property.
That's all. As clean and easy as possible. I installed latest Microsoft.CodeAnalysis* (v 2.9.0) packages to the project from NuGet to resolve reference issues. And ran the project.
The SyntaxEdit works, but there is a strange issue with code completion window - it is always in the top left corner, and it doesn't function property.
In addition, the application fails from time to time with some exception related to an immutable array, especially when the opening braces are typed.
Could you please help me with that? Am I doing anything wrong? Is that an issue in SyntaxEdit?
I don't see the opportunity to enclose images or files here, so I've uploaded the test project and the describing video to my OneDrive:
the project (vs 2017):!Ar-VOp-yqJW0gYs_yMHFPv-InFHIoQ
video describing the issue:!Ar-VOp-yqJW0gYtAKf8ZrQEuHNX20Q
I hope you don't mind.
Thank you in advance.
Hi Sergey,
By default we support Roslyn version 1.3.2, as it's the latest public release compatible with .NET 4.5. We have published our own package on nuget that contains all dependent libraries:
In upcoming release we will have support for the latest version of Roslyn (they've changed some APIs, and exception you're seeing happens because of that). We can provide internal libraries that works with .NET 4.6/Roslyn 2.9.0 should it be required.
The other problem with code completion jumping off, is it reproducible with one of our quick start projects (say RoslynParsers demo)?
Thank you Andrew,

Switching to Alternet.ExtensibilityStudio.RoslynDependencies NuGet package solved both the issues at once.